Emergency Information


This is a true dental emergency in which an intact tooth is completely knocked out. An avulsed tooth can possibly be replaced in the socket and be maintained. It is best to see the dentist within an hour. In the meantime the tooth part should be preserved in a special solution that Dr. Hardinger has dispensed to local schools in an emergency kit called “Hanks Solution.” The avulsed tooth should be kept in this solution. An alternative to this is a glass of milk. If possible, at the office the tooth will be secured with bonded orthodontic brackets and ligatured to a light wire. Root canal treatment will be initiated.


1. Patients should refer to the post operative care instructions to control post operative symptoms. Recent dental extractions may ooze some blood, and biting down on a cotton gauze supplies direct pressure to the extraction site and will aid in stopping the bleeding.
2. Patients on warfarin may have post operative bleeding that needs to be managed medically so that the proper dose of warfarin is administered.
3. Dr. Hardinger can prescribe a liquid dental hemostat that can be applied to a pressure gauze pack or used as an oral rinse. This is available at a compound pharmacy and is made up especially for the patient.
4. Bleeding is a sign of gingivitis and can be managed with thorough dental hygiene, and a dental cleaning.
5. Injuries, burns, ulcers may bleed. This can be managed with palliative care. Dr. Hardinger’s favorite palliative mouthrinse is Colgate Peroxyl.
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Broken Restoration

This may be unsightly, or may cause the tongue to be abraded on a rough edge. At home, you might try some orthodontic wax, paraffin, or chewing gum to place over the missing piece. Dr. Hardinger will try to see you as soon as possible in normal office hours.
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Cracked Tooth

A painful split tooth hurts so much because the nerves inside and outside the tooth are involved. Dr. Hardinger recommends analgesics and avoidance of the tender area until you can be seen at the office. In cases of swelling, antibiotics may be needed.
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Denture Related Sores

Ill fitting dentures are a common cause of mouth sores, and Dr. Hardinger urges you to have them repaired, adjusted and polished so that you can use them optimally.
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The most common phone call Dr. Hardinger gets about eruption is the appearance of crowded lower anterior teeth coming in behind the primary incisors. Naturally, the permanent tooth bud is formed on the tongue side behind the primary incisors and the permanent tooth is expected to come in and move forward as it erupts.
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Many falls involve oral injuries including avulsion and abrasion. The first priority is your general health, and then your oral health. Dr. Hardinger will work closely with your medical team to return you to good oral health.
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Gum Infection

Acute gum infection is a painful and sometimes serious infection. Dr. Hardinger recommends having this condition evaluated and treated according to the findings and diagnosis.
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Help For Toothaches

A person can take over the counter analgesics and also a dental poultice for local pain relief until they can get in for an appointment.
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Dr. Hardinger urges patients not to take another person’s antibiotics. In general Dr. Hardinger recommends a short course of 5 days to fight dental infection. Some antibiotics regimens cost as little as $4, so please do not economize on someone else’s medication.
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