Patient Center

Welcome to Dr. Jon Hardinger’s Office…

It is our pleasure to see you as a dental patient. The information on this page is designed to answer many of your questions regarding our office policies.

General Dental Services

As a general dentist, Dr. Hardinger has an interest in all aspects of dental diagnosis and dental care. These include: 

Dr. Hardinger is an affiliate staff member at North Iowa Mercy Health Center which allows him to provide hosptial dental services when needed.


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We see all patients by appointment and ask that you call in advance to reserve a time that works best for you. (641-423-6172) You can also use our online appointment request system if you would like.We try to make sure that you are seen on time, but want you to know that emergencies are a part of dentistry and can therefore cause us to run behind schedule. We ask that you arrive on time for your appointments so that we will not make other patients wait.If you cannot keep an appointment, please give us a 24 hour notice. We can fill your appointment time with another patient when you extend this courtesy to us. We charge a fee for cancelled appointments without the 24 hour notice unless it is due to an emergency.

Our office is closed on Wednesdays, Weekends, and Major Holidays. We are also closed at times when we are attending continuing education classes. Our answering machine is left on at all times for you to leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fees and Payments

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We do everything we can to make sure you are aware of the out-of-pocket expenses that you may incur with your treatment. We have three payment plans available that will make paying your balance easier for you.

  • We offer a 4% bookkkeping savings for paying your balance in full the day of service.
  • We have an interest free 90 day payment plan that helps those who cannot pay in full at the time of service.
  • We have Care Credit which offers an extended payment plan for those who qualify.

It is our office policy to not carry a balance longer than the 90 day plan. Seniors who qualify with Elderbridge Agency On Aging receive a discount.

Dental Benefits Plans (Insurance)

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Dental benefits plans are not meant to dictate or limit the choices you have for treatments. Regardless of whether or not you have a dental benefits plan, you belong in the driver’s seat in choosing your dental services and scheduling regular checkups.It is your responsiblity to furnish us with your current insurance information so that we can file your claims in a timely manner. We submit dental claims upon completion of treatment.Due to the many insurance companies that we work with, we are unable to know all the benefits of your policy. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to check into your deductibles and remaining yearly benefits before treatment. If it is necessary for us to check on coverage for a procedure, or to submit a pre-estimate for treatement, we can do that for you.

Please remember that no insurance company covers all dental costs. It is your responsibility to pay any deductible, co-insurance, or any other balance not paid for by your insurance company. We are providers of Delta Dentals and Blue Dental.

We make sure that you receive the maximum benefits for your treatment; however, we have no control over the coverage contracted for you.