Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene For Kids

Child and Infant Dental Care

This 17 month old is getting dental care from her father. He positions himself as you see holding the child and approaching from the head, her arms are tucked in while he is scrubbing her teeth. Very little toothpaste is dispensed so the child doesn’t need to spit it out. Notice on his left that he has a cup and a brush set up for dental care for the two older siblings who are next!

Dr Hardinger also recommends in place of toothpaste to sprinkle a few drops of an over the counter fluoride mouthrinse such as ACT or Fluorigard and applying with the child’s brush to aid in decay prevention.

Tell Show Do Dental Care

The older sibling is getting his teeth cleaned by his father.

The younger child can look on to see how it is done successfully by her father on her brother.

Now the younger child takes her turn having been shown how it is done, and then told how it is done, and then gets to have her teeth done just like it was explained.

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