Meet The Team

Brittany, RDA

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Brittany, Dental Assistant- dressed in black
Headshot of Brittany, Dental Assistant - dressed in red

Brittany is a registered dental assistant qualified in radiology. Known for attention to detail, many patients say how they appreciate her thoroughness and care when having dental procedures done.

Carol, RDA

Dental Assistant

Headshot of Carol, Dental Assistant- dressed in black
Headshot of Carol, Dental Assistant - dressed in pink

Carol is an “expanded duty” registered dental assistant, and a certified member of Dental Assisting National Board, she has cared for and knows most of the patients in the practice and displays her expertise is anticipating their dental needs during a procedure.


Administration and Receptionist

Headshot of Becky, Administrative Assistant - dressed in black

Becky came to Mason City in 2019. You will enjoy her fresh and outgoing personality. She handles our scheduling and can assist you with your dental health plan benefits. She does correspondence, financial communication, and many other tasks to keep the office running smoothly.


Adminstration/ Front Desk

Headshot of Keshia

Keshia is our part time front desk administration, and book keeper. She has a quiet and caring personality, you will like getting to know her too.

team photo

Top Row: Becky, Dr. Hardinger, Keshia

Bottom Row: Carol, Brittany